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In the HOME SERVICES industry How frustrating is to look for a honest trustworthy contractor now on days.

Anybody  can just pop up at your door calling himself a Handyman but it is scary just to open the door to a person whom you don’t even  know and trust him with your house .

Be aware that Its a Criminal offense to hire a Non Licensed contractor to work in your home In Maryland : Read more in this blog 10  Powerful reasons why you should hire Art Stone Home Improvements.

The Official Maryland site says Maryland Citizens Urged to Use Licensed Contractors With us you don’t  take any chances We are Certified and credited company and as well we are regulated by the state of Maryland through the Maryland Home Improvement Commission which protects MD Consumers like you from irresponsible self called contractors.

Having said that, you have a powerful reason to rest calmed that you are getting the best qualified contractor, trained and tested with Difficult exams to make sure that Consumers will be served with the best products and regulations according  the State  and We will do everything possible to achieve those results as we are in the Home services fields.


Remodeling contractor in Frederick

Home Remodeling in Frederick

Art Stone Home Improvements in Frederick on Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling :

We have to admit it, we enjoy this department of remodeling  kitchens  and bathrooms.

And the satisfaction of seen an ugly old kitchen been transformed or an obsolete bathroom covered with mold all over the place been transformed into a bathroom of a magazine.

We have helped hundreds of home Owners Yes! Hundreds! We have a lot experience when you deliver  home services  becomes a second nature to do things really good.

You will not regret it, we guarantee  our results check our Gallery Or our Kitchen page learn more